Custom Pool

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Once you make the decision to add a swimming pool or spa, you need to take the time to select the right pool builder.
Since 1983, we’ve constructed hundreds of award-winning pools, spas & hot tubs and water features.

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We Make Your Pool Vision Come To Life

Let us bring life to your outdoor living space with a custom built and designed swimming pool.
Jackson Pools will bring that elegance and excitement into your backyard.

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Custom Pools

We cater to customers who want an outdoor living space that is outside the ordinary – as much a conversation piece as a place to get wet.
Your swimming pool represents one of your single biggest investments.

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New Pool Construction and Renovations

From New Pool Construction to Renovation, we will make your backyard space a joy to use everyday.
Your swimming pool represents one of your single biggest investments.

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Resort Lifestyles

Create that resort style pool in your own backyard.
We craft creative and relaxing resort style pools, bringing your dream to reality.

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Catering To Our Customers

Expand your living area outside, we design pools and pool decks that will enhance your lifestyle with outdoor living.
With options such as swim up bars, inset tables in your pool and lagoons.


Crafting Award-Winning Waterscapes Since 1983

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Professional pool builders & contractors


Award winning pool design brought to life in your backyard


With over 30 years of experience in the pool building industry Jackson Pools creates the finest custom pools. Offering unique designs, top notch finish work & the highest quality materials used, your custom pool will be just what you dreamed of. Our vast industry experience allows us to combine technology with innovation. At Jackson Pools, we use only the finest materials, and select equipment that is backed by the strongest warranties in the industry.
From excavation to plaster, the pool construction team at Jackson Pools is there every step of the way. We’ll ensure that work is performed to industry standards and, more importantly, meets all necessary building codes. Our in-house design and installation teams provide seamless coordination of all your pool and landscape projects with minimum intrusion upon your property and in your life.


In addition to complementing your property’s landscape design, an elegant spa brings harmony to your home. Whether you like to relax after a long day at work, or perhaps before a night out on the town, spas provide you with the perfect place to unwind.
Jackson Pools offers custom designs for both residential and commercial projects. We offer complete design and construction packages for the total backyard spa experience.If you are simply looking to upgrade your current spa or hot tub, Jackson Pools offers quick and easy remodeling services, customized to meet your specific needs.


With over 30 years of experience in the pool building industry Jackson Pools creates the finest custom pools. Offering unique designs, top notch finish work & the highest quality materials used, your custom pool will be just what you dreamed of.


Our team at Jackson Pools creates beautiful waterfalls that look like works of art. With the use of custom tiles, ornate pieces & lots of detail we create beautiful waterfalls that bring life to your pool build.


Looking for an eye catching beautiful fountain? We have years of experience building custom water fountains for large communities or private homes, we do it all.


Looking to bring the look of an exotic island oasis to your pool? We specialize in bringing that look and feel with rockscapes. Rockscapes bring that lagoon feel to your pool & certainly have the wow factor you are looking for.


Building the highest quality pools with the highest quality of workmanship & materials




Feel free to contact us for more information

(239) 495-6700

[email protected]

19910 S. Tamiami Trail,
Suite A, Estero, Florida 33928


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