A dive-in movie party is a great way to beat the heat while hosting friends in your Southwest Florida pool. But like all gatherings, this type takes some planning to pull off. Let’s look at five essential tips for dive-in movies, so you can relax and enjoy the evening as much as your guests.

1. Test Your Electronics in Advance

Nothing can derail your party faster than a technology mishap, which is why it’s crucial to test everything well before the party. We’re talking days in advance. That way, you can fix or buy anything you need with plenty of time. Bonus, it’s a great excuse to have a family dive-in movie night before the big event!

2. Prepare Your Pool

Experienced pool owners know that extra activity can quickly lead to cloudy water and other issues. To prepare for having extra people in your swimming pool, you may want to add additional chemicals and do a thorough cleaning before and after.In addition, consider the water temperature. Most people remain pretty still while watching a movie, so warmer water is best. If you have a pool heater, turn up the heat a few hours prior to the party to ensure your guests are comfortable.

3. Provide Plenty of Floating and Seating Options

Even for short films, 90 minutes or so is a long time to stay in one place, especially in the water. Provide your guests with a variety of flotation devices (full floats, inner tubes, noodles, and more), as well as dry spots and tons of towels. That way, everyone can make themselves comfortable throughout the whole night.

4. Have Fun with the Theme

A movie theme is a lot of fun, and there are tons of ways to go overboard with it. Visit a party supply store for movie-themed popcorn bowls, photo booth props, paper plates and cups, and much more.Better yet, you can match the movie to the water theme. For kids, “Luca” on Disney+ is a great summer option. Teens might get a kick out of “Jaws,” which is especially scary to watch in the water. For grown-ups, consider a campy comedy classic like “Wet Hot American Summer” or “I Know What You Did Last Summer” for a little dose of nostalgia.

5. In Case of Rain

As with any outdoor event, it’s critical to have a plan for rain or other adverse weather. A great way to transition inside is by setting up an indoor picnic with lots of blankets and cushions on the floor. Make sure the indoor space is clean and ready to go, just in case.

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