Even in the paradise that is Southwest Florida, we have some colder months! December, January, February, and even March can be absolutely gorgeous, but we have chilly days mixed in there, too.

Sometimes, it’s too cool to get in the water without a pool heater, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your backyard swimming pool. Let’s explore a few ways to get the most out of your backyard and your pool year-round, regardless of the temperature outside.

Install a Pool Heater

This is the most obvious–and perhaps the most expensive–way to get the most mileage out of your pool. A pool heater pumps warm or even hot water into your pool to raise the overall temperature, making it more comfortable to swim when the outdoor temperature is colder. There are solar pumps, electric, or even gas. Which one works best for your house depends on several factors. Our friends at Pinch A Penny have a great article on choosing the right heater for your pool.

Harness the Southwest Florida Sunshine

There are other ways to raise the water temperature in your pool aside from adding a heater – like using a solar blanket. Harness the power of the sun’s rays to trap the warmth and heat the water in your pool. This is typically an inexpensive investment that can add a few weeks or months to your swimming season. Keep in mind, however, that a solar pool blanket can only raise the temperature of a pool by about 10 degrees. Depending on your threshold for cold water, this might not be enough in our coldest months!

Add a Spa

Once again, this isn’t the most affordable option on the list, but it will add significant value to your home and backyard. You can add a spa or hot tub to your backyard, and then you’ll have somewhere to warm up fast after a chilly swim. It’s a great way to enjoy your backyard oasis and the water as an alternative to the cooler pool. Spas can be heated separately from the pool, so you’re able to turn the heat on and off as needed. There’s nothing better than a cool SWFL night and a warm hot tub!

Swim in a Wet Suit

Have you ever wondered how surfers can brave cold Pacific or North Atlantic temperatures for their sport? The answer is a wet suit. These ingenious swimwear articles are designed to keep the wearer warm in frigid, even dangerously cold temperatures. They certainly provide enough insulation for Southwest Florida “winter” swims!

What is more, they’re easy to find at surf shops or online, and they aren’t terribly expensive, especially since you won’t be needing them to insulate you against extreme cold. This is an excellent alternative for the long distance swimmer who doesn’t want to lose their momentum in the winter months!

Enjoy the Ambiance

One final way to enjoy your backyard oasis during cold or cool weather is to simply enjoy the ambiance without getting in the water at all. This is particularly easy if you have a waterfall or fountain that provides a serene sound. Add a firepit, and you’ve got a year-round oasis right in your backyard – perfect for hosting holiday parties, BBQs, or for simply relaxing.

Trust Jackson Pools

Whatever you want to do with your outdoor space and however you want to enjoy your backyard and water in winter, Jackson Pools can help. With decades of experience in Southwest Florida, our experts know how to meet every need, including curing cold water.