Did you make a new year’s resolution to get in shape this year? Our climate here in SWFL, where you can spend time in the pool nearly year-round, makes it easy and fun to get your cardio workouts in. Even if you’re not a fan of swimming laps, there are still plenty of exercise routines that you can take to the pool to make working out fun and effective. Not only does the water provide extra resistance, but it’s also very low-impact so there won’t be so much wear and tear on your joints. 

 For most of these exercises, you won’t need any equipment besides a pool and a swimsuit. But if you want to kick it up a notch, here are some items that can help: 

  •       Kickboard
  •       Wrist and ankle weights
  •       Foam dumbbells 
  •       Life jacket or buoyancy belt

Besides simple exercises like walking or doing jumping jacks in the water, here are some fun workouts to try out in the pool: 

Balancing: These balancing exercises will help strengthen the muscles in your core. While standing in the water, lift one leg and hold it for one minute, then move that leg out to the side and hold for another minute. To make it a bit easier, you can rest your foot on a pool noodle. If you’re in the pool with the kids, have them run in circles around you so that you have to work against the current! 

Leg kicks: Start by holding on to a kickboard or the edge of the pool. Start by doing a flutter kick for one minute, then a scissor kick, then a breaststroke kick. Use a buoyancy belt to make this a bit easier, or add ankle weights for an extra challenge. 

Arm lifts: Stand in the deeper end of the pool, so that the water comes up to your shoulders. Raise your arms straight forward with your palms upward until they’re level with the water, then turn your palms downward and bring your arms back to your sides. Then do this again, raising your arms out to the sides. For more resistance, use wrist weights or foam dumbbells. 

Tuck jumps: Stand in chest-deep water and jump straight up, bringing your knees all the way up to your chest. Use a buoyancy belt or life jacket to make it a bit easier, or add ankle weights for more resistance. For an even greater challenge, tread water in between jumps instead of putting your feet all the way back down. 

Let Jackson Pools Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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