So you’ve decided to install a backyard pool! No doubt one of the first things you’ll start thinking about is what size and shape of pool you want. This is an important factor to get right the first time, as changing the size isn’t as easy as grabbing a new shoebox off the shelf.

Here are a few considerations to help you choose the right size swimming pool for your Southwest Florida home. 


How Will Your Pool Be Used?

This is the biggest consideration we talk to customers about. Do you have a young and growing family and anticipate lots of neighbor friends coming over to swim? Or are you retired and simply want an outdoor oasis for relaxing and a small plunge pool for the occasional dip? Will anyone use the pool for swimming laps or water sports? Do you plan to do a lot of entertaining and host pool parties?

While we design custom size pools as well, here are a few of the common pool sizes and their ideal use and capacity:

18×36-foot – Comfortably accommodates 6 or more people playing games or floating. Generally rectangular shaped and large enough to swim laps and have a diving board or slide. 

16×32-foot – For smaller groups of 6 or fewer people playing games or floating. Generally free-form, oval, or kidney-shaped, this size is perfect as a family pool, but not for swimming laps. 

14×25-foot – Ideal for just a few people, these pools are usually rectangular and are great for a small backyard.

Depth is another consideration based on how the pool will be used. Traditionally, in-ground pools have a shallow end that gradually gets deeper. A lot of people still opt for this model. Newer design options allow for shallow sections on both ends of the pool with a deeper section in the middle. This is ideal for families or when lots of children are in the pool as it gives them more space to safely stand up and play. 


How Will You Use The Space Around The Pool?

Think about how much furniture you want around the pool, if you want a grill, bar, or outdoor kitchen, a deck box for toys, and anything else you want on the patio. If you plan to entertain, it’s important to have ample patio or yard space for guests to spread out and sit comfortably. 

Just as important is how you want to use the rest of your backyard space. Do you want room for a trampoline, swingset, or garden? Keep in mind that it’s not easy or cheap to change the size of a pool down the road, so it’s important to think about what your future will look like when designing your pool.


What Accessories & Features Do You Want?

Slides and diving boards can be tons of fun for a family backyard pool, but they do require more space and a deeper section of the pool. Many of our customers also like a sun shelf installed for lounge chairs, which takes a portion of the pool away from swimming. If these features are important to you, we’ll help you choose the best size pool to fit your backyard and maximize your space – and enjoyment! 


Jackson Pools Will Help You Get It Right

At Jackson Pools, we work carefully with our customers to understand how they will use their new pool and help them select a pool size, shape, design, and features so that they get the most enjoyment out of it. We offer both luxury custom pools, as well as backyard resort pools that are standardized to be more affordable and faster to install. Wondering what’s right for you? Contact us for a free onsite consultation so we can learn more about your new pool dreams!