Everyone likes a cool dip in the pool on a hot day, even our four-legged friends! Whether you have a new pool or a new dog, it’s important to safely introduce your canine companion to the pool if you plan to let them go for a swim. 

Here’s how to keep your dogs safe around the pool. 


Not All Dogs Can Swim

This may come as a surprise, but it’s a myth that all dogs are adept swimmers. Certain breeds, such as those with flat noses, short legs, and rotund bodies (think bulldogs, pugs, boxers, corgis, and basset hounds) simply can’t swim – or don’t swim well. 

If your dogs can’t swim, it’s important to supervise them carefully while around the pool so they don’t fall in and drown. If your dog loves the water but can’t swim, consider getting a dog pool (or just a kiddie pool!) and put it next to the family pool so your pooch can still join in the fun. If your pool has a large sun shelf, you may also be able to train your dog to just stay in this shallow area.


Don’t Let Your Dog Drink From The Pool

Whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, it’s important not to let your dogs drink from it. In large amounts, pool water can upset your dog’s stomach and introduce toxins and microorganisms into their system. This can be a challenge when dogs are outside in the hot sun and already in the water, so you will have to train them not to drink the water and reward them with treats when they listen. Be sure to have a big bowl of fresh water in the shade by the pool, and take regular breaks to take your dog to the bowl and encourage them to drink.


Rinse Off The Chlorine

Just as we rinse off after swimming, it’s a good idea to rinse off your dog when they get out of the pool. Chlorine can be an irritant and can dry out your dog’s skin and coat, just like it dries ours out! Towel dry your dog, just as you would after a bath, making sure to thoroughly dry their ears to prevent irritation and infection. 


Physically Keep Them Out

Especially for dogs that can’t swim, you may want to invest in a pool fence or alarm system to physically keep your dogs out of the pool and alert you if they accidentally fall in. Even for dogs that can swim and love to jump in the pool, it’s important to know when they’re in the pool and supervise them. Even expert swimmers can tire themselves out and drown if not supervised. 


Buy A Doggie Life Vest

Yep, that’s a thing, and they’re adorable! A dog life vest is perfect for the enthusiastic non-swimmers that really want to join the fun but don’t know their limitations. They’re even helpful for dogs who swim well if you’re worried about them getting tired.


Jackson Pools Can Make Your Pooch’s Pool Dream A RealitySwimming with your dogs can be a ton of fun when done safely! If you’re ready to install a new pool that your whole family can enjoy, we’d love to help! We specialize in both custom luxury pools and affordable backyard resort pools, and we can create the perfect outdoor oasis for your needs and budget. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free consultation.