If you have a Southwest Florida backyard pool, you’re always on the lookout for new accessories to amp up the fun and usability of your pool. But how about some luxury pool accessories that elevate the experience and turn your pool into a true backyard oasis!

Here are our top 7 picks.


Water Lounger

If you have a sun shelf or tanning ledge in your pool, a water lounger is an essential splurge. Aluminum and mesh chairs float (and look tacky), but a water lounger is specifically made for use in the water. Made of fade-resistant polyethylene, this sleek and modern water lounger has a plug to fill with water so it stays put in the water. Don’t forget to add a matching side table for your cocktail! 


Giant Dayclub Cabana

Bring the VIP experience to your backyard in a giant floating dayclub cabana! With room for four, a built-in cooler, removable mesh sunshade, water entry pad, and ‘privacy’ walls, this hip dayclub cabana will be a hit with adults and teens alike. 


Luxurious Outdoor Shower

If you want to upgrade your basic outdoor shower head, check out this luxurious stainless steel outdoor shower with a bamboo tray. It features an integrated shower head, hand held shower, plus two body sprayers. Its freestanding design allows you to hook it up anywhere, or install it where your existing shower is with hot water and a drain for a truly luxurious outdoor experience! 


Cantilever Umbrella

If you don’t have a pool enclosure or shade trees, a giant cantilever umbrella can provide some much needed relief from the sun – and make an impressive statement. These offset umbrellas can be suspended over an area, such as a dining or seating set, or even over one end of the pool! 


Patio Daybed

Elevate your poolside seating with a daybed with retractable canopy sunshade. There are a variety of daybed styles to choose from, but we like this modular daybed that comes in four pieces to give you a variety of seating configurations. 


Pool Chaise

It’s the La-Z-Boy for your pool! This ultimate pool chaise is made from closed-cell foam, making it ultra durable and requiring no air. It’s fully-adjustable, going from upright, to reclined, to lying flat. With a built-in headrest and sturdy cupholders, you may never get out of the pool again! 


Multipurpose Valet

Upgrade your towel stand with an all-weather wicker multipurpose valet. This clever accessory features a bar for hanging towels and multiple shelves for clean towels, sunscreen, bug spray and other necessities. When you’re done swimming, guests can toss used towels into the removable wicker below to keep your pool area neat and tidy! 


Jackson Pools Can Make Your Backyard Pool Dream A Reality

If you’re dreaming of adding some of these luxury pool accessories to your very own pool, contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our backyard resort pools and luxury custom pools