Almost half of all Americans have canceled their summer vacations due to COVID-19. Whether your plans got canceled for you, or you’re choosing to stay home out of caution, being stuck at home all summer can be a bummer. Especially for kids! But, it’s a great time to get the most out of your backyard pool. Here are 5 creative ways to use your pool this summer. 


Finally Get In Shape (Wait, It Gets Creative)

While the coronavirus quarantine should have given us all ample time to work on our summer bods, the reality is the chaos and anxiety of it all put a wrench in a lot of people’s workout routines. Swimming is not only fun, but also really good for your body. The nice thing about swimming for fitness is that it doesn’t require a large pool or swimming endless laps. Treading water, doing leg lifts and squats, and even lifting weights underwater all challenge your body and build strength. 

While there are loads of aquatic fitness videos you can watch and accessories you can invest in, getting in shape in the pool is way more fun when you get friends or family involved. Create an obstacle course of weights, swim rings, and exercises and let your family compete for the best time, challenge friends with pools to do the same workouts and compare your FitBit stats, or even produce some funny aquatic fitness videos of your own and share them with friends! 


Practice Social Distancing With Pool Noodles

A backyard pool is a sure way to attract friends and neighbors to your home. Normally, kids make best friends in the pool and parents chit-chat poolside all summer. If you’re a grandparent, a backyard pool is a great way to get the grandkids over more often. But these days we’re still being told to practice social distancing, which is not always so easy with little ones. 

No problem with pool noodles! Craft a few of these DIY social distancing hats, strap them onto the kids, and watch the hilarity ensue. If they touch their friend’s noodles, they’ll know they’re too close! For poolside adults, put tape down on the ground to keep chairs 6 feet apart, and make sure everyone has their own chairside table for convenience. 


Do These 16 Other Things With Pool Noodles

While you’re at the dollar store stocking up on pool noodles, grab a few extra for these 16 creative ways to use pool noodles. There’s something fun in here for everyone in the family. Toddlers can play poolside with the sensory bin while the big kids craft finger rockets. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, check out the pirate raft made out of pool noodles! 


Get The Kids Off The Screens

We live in a tech-heavy world and sometimes it feels impossible to limit screen time between televisions, phones, tablets, and video games. Screen addiction and childhood obesity are real concerns, and doctors encourage parents to get kids outside and get them physically active. Solution: send them out to the pool! Kids love swimming and can usually outlast mom and dad in the pool if given the chance. 

And don’t assume young children will eventually outgrow swimming. Teenagers love swimming too; you just have to get creative with the pool “toys” as they get older. Consider pool volleyball, basketball, or lacrosse sets, or even inflatable jousting for a little friendly rough-housing. 


License To Be Lazy

Just because you live near the beach doesn’t mean you want to pack up the family and 15 bags of stuff and go every weekend. And when you’re not in the mood for sand and salt, even going to the neighborhood pool can be a production (if it’s even open yet!). Having a pool in your own backyard is super convenient and gives you the option to be super lazy if you choose. 


Wishing You Had A Backyard Pool? 

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