It may not be ideal swimming weather right now, but spring break will be here before you know it, quickly followed by summer vacation. Sending the kids out for a swim is always a good way to get them out from underfoot, but it’s even better when they have some fun new games to play. We’ve rounded up some of the best swimming pool games that kids will love – and the grownups will like them too! 

As with any water activities, always make sure the players are strong swimmers or have any flotation devices they might need, and never let kids swim without adult supervision. Safety first!

1. Marco Polo
There’s a reason this variation on tag is one of the most popular swimming pool games! It’s easy, fun, and doesn’t require any special equipment. One person is “it” and is either blindfolded or required to keep their eyes closed. The person who is “it” calls out, “Marco!” and everyone else has to answer, “Polo!” while trying not to be tagged. If you suspect that someone has snuck out of the pool, just yell, “Fish out of water!” and that person has to be It next. 

2. Sharks and Minnows
This is another fun way to play tag in the pool! You start off with one shark and several minnows. The shark lurks in the middle or deep end of the pool. The remaining people are the minnows and they hop into the shallow end. As soon as the shark yells, “Shark attack!” the minnows have to swim across the pool from the shallow end to the deep end while the shark tries to tag them. When the minnows get tagged, they turn into sharks and try to tag the other minnows. The last minnow left untagged is the shark for the next round. 

3. Human Whirlpool
This one works best when you have a large group of people. Have everyone stand in the water, then start walking in the same direction, usually in a circle around the shallow end. Start off slow, then gradually speed up until you’ve created a circulating current in the pool. Then have everyone pick up their feet and float! 

4. Water Volleyball
This is exactly what it sounds like: divide into two teams and use a beach ball to play volleyball in the water! You can even get a net to put across the middle of the pool. Keep score or just volley the beach ball back and forth – either way, everyone will have a great time. 

5. Treasure Hunt
For this one, you’ll need diving sticks, rings, or anything else that will sink to the bottom of the pool. Coins are a great option! Scatter the objects around the pool, then have the players dive for them. The diver who comes up with the most items wins the game! 


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