Are you thinking about putting a pool in your backyard? Many people find themselves daydreaming about having their own swimming pool, but hesitate at the cost and hassle of installation. However, we’ve found that the investment of installing a pool more than pays off by helping you improve your health, increase your home’s value, and have more fun with your family. (Plus with our Backyard Resort Pool package, you’re eliminating the cost and the hassle!)

Here are five reasons why you should go ahead and install that dream pool:  

  1. Swimming pools are an excellent place to exercise. Have you been meaning to get in shape, but find it hard to get to the gym? A pool in your very own yard is an extremely easy and convenient way to get a daily workout in, especially here in Southwest Florida where we can use our pools almost year-round. From simple lap swimming to fun cardio and strength training exercises, a pool workout is a great way to add variety to your workout without leaving your home. 
  1. Swimming is a great way to keep kids busy. If you have young children in the house, you know it doesn’t take long before you run out of ways to keep them occupied. Taking them out for a swim is a great option, made even easier when you can do it in your own backyard. Of course, kids in the pool require constant supervision, but you won’t have to actively entertain them beyond responding to the frequent cries of, “Mom, watch me!” or “Dad, look what I can do!” 
  1. Kids can learn how to swim earlier. Learning to swim is important for all kids, especially when you have a pool on your property. Taking swimming lessons once a week is great, but when they have their own pool in which to practice, your children will be able to progress more quickly than they might otherwise. Plus, swimming is a great skill to have!
  1. It’s a great spot for the grownups to relax. You don’t have to get into the pool in order to enjoy it! Imagine taking a glass of wine out to the patio on a warm evening to enjoy the atmosphere created by the reflected lights and the sound of the water. We’ve seen families transform their patio with outdoor kitchens, covered seating areas, and fire pits. It sounds great, doesn’t it? 
  1. Pool maintenance is easier than you think. While a swimming pool does require regular care, it’s not as labor-intensive as you might expect. With the right equipment and a basic maintenance schedule, you’ll find that you spend far more time enjoying your pool than you do working on it.  


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