Taking a dip in your pool is always more fun with man’s best friend. If you’re looking for ways to make your dog’s time in the pool more enjoyable, check out these 9 pool accessories and toys – plus a bonus! 


Life Jacket

Safety first! Even if your dog is a confident swimmer, a life jacket can give you added peace of mind. Dog life jackets are designed to fit snugly under your dog’s chest and stomach. A handle on the top allows you to quickly and safely retrieve your pooch from the pool if they get into trouble. 



A canine favorite, KONG Aqua floats! This water retrieval toy will keep your dog entertained and is a fun way to sneak in some exercise jumping in and out of the water. 


Skamper Ramp

If all that jumping and swimming wears Fido out, he may struggle to get back to the steps. A Skamper Ramp on the opposite side of your pool from the steps provides an easy and quick way out. 


Pool Float

For the pup that prefers to just soak up the sun, a dog pool float lets her hang with you in the pool in style. Dog floats come in many styles and sizes, so be sure to check the weight capacity. We like this one from SwimWays, which features a durable, puncture-resistant fabric made just for dogs. 



While any frisbee will do, we love these Hyper Pet Flippy Floppers as they’re specifically designed to float. Instead of hard plastic, these dog-friendly frisbees are made from rubber and nylon which makes them safe for your dog’s teeth. 


Bouncing Balls

Or skipping stones! While traditional tennis balls get waterlogged, balls and skipping “stones” made for the water will bounce across the surface, creating an irresistible game for any dog that loves to play fetch. 


Water Fountain

It’s important to discourage your dog from drinking pool water, so having a nearby fresh water source is key on hot summer days. While any bowl will do, this dog water fountain is a more entertaining way to get a sip! The water won’t get hot sitting in a bowl, and the “help yourself” functionality makes it a fun way to encourage your dog to drink more water. 


Flying Fish

Another fun catch and retrieve toy, these Flying Fish toys will keep your dog active and entertained all day. The soft rubber floats and is safe for your dog’s teeth, and the bright color makes it easy to find. 


BONUS: Critter Escape Ramp

While your dog is having all the fun, don’t forget about the helpless critters that accidentally fall into your pool! A critter escape ramp can save frogs, bunnies, mice, and chipmunks and help them get out of the pool. 


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