It’s that time of year again, when many people make resolutions about how they want to improve for the next year. While some people feel daunted by making resolutions, we’d like to challenge you to think about them in a more light-hearted way. Let’s make some “Pool”-Year Resolutions!


Get In Your Pool!

For 2021 let’s resolve to spend more time in and around the pool. Relaxing and exercising are important reasons to own a pool right out your door, and relaxing in your pool after exercising is one of the bonus perks of being a pool owner! Even better is having the pool to exercise in before you relax, or nap, poolside. Commit to making the time to grab a book and float for a bit every weekend. You deserve it! 


Exercise Without Having To Fight New Year’s Gym Crowds

In water exercise helps prevent injuries from less stress on joints, and there are more ways to exercise in a pool than just swimming. You can get some pool weights for added resistance and there are dozens of videos on YouTube to maximize your workout in the pool. It’s recommended we all get 30 minutes of exercise daily, why not do it from the comfort of your own backyard.


Keep Extra Cash In Your Wallet

Another good resolution for your pool (and your wallet) is to be green in your pool energy usage this next year. Setting the pool heater thermostat just one degree lower can save you up to 10% on energy costs! Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting swimming in cold water, you can just turn the heat up when you know you are going to use the pool. This is an easy fix that can pay off big time over the course of a year. 


Inspect and Correct Your Pool Safety Issues

Swimming pool safety is always a vital part of enjoying your pool so resolve to step up your safety this year; install barriers at least 4 feet tall and use safety covers on your pool, have rescue equipment and a first aid kit within easy reach with a list of emergency contact phone numbers included, and make sure to keep the pool area clear of slip or trip hazards. These additions are a necessity especially if you have pets or small children poolside.


More Fun In The Sun This Year

In 2021 make a new tradition of weekly pool parties, you and your loved ones can set a date to all catch-up by the pool or you can call a friend to have a poolside chat with your toes in the water. Just be careful, with all the extra time you’ll be spending in and near the water this year make sure you take care to protect your skin; sunscreen, cover-ups, and sun hats are always good resolutions to keep.


Don’t Have A Pool Yet? We Want To Change That

If you don’t have a pool yet, the best resolution for you is to make 2021 the year you get in on all this fun. We want to make your New Year the best one yet with a custom luxury pool or an affordable backyard resort pool. Contact us to schedule your free onsite consultation by calling us at (269) 495-6700 or sending us a message through our website today!