Having a backyard Southwest Florida pool is a dream come true for many homeowners here! But once that concrete hole gets filled with water, you may be looking around your pool patio scratching your head. 

Whether you’re working with a blank canvas, or just want some fresh ideas, here are 6 design tips for decorating your pool patio. 

Natural landscaping is one of the easiest ways to instantly give your pool patio life. Lush palms lend a tropical vide and privacy, vibrant birds of paradise and hibiscus add color, and verdant ground coverings provide texture along walkways. Check out this post about the best landscaping for your SWFL pool (and what not to plant!). 

If you’re planning a lot of night swimming, strategic lighting around your pool patio is a must. Spotlights on landscaping and solar lights along walkways can be permanent fixtures, while light up pool balls bring some life to the party. We are absolutely loving the trend of string lights zigzagged above the pool, especially these vintage Edison bulbs!

Multipurpose Planter
No pool cage and looking for a way to hang those string lights? A planter pot with a post provides a way to hang the lights and an additional spot for landscaping. While this design idea does require a little DIY elbow grease, the results are well worth it!

Patio furniture is essential for really getting the most out of your pool. While a basic dining set a few loungers will get you by, today’s trends are bringing the inside out for true outdoor living. We’re seeing full outdoor living rooms with couches, relaxation nooks with hanging chairs, daybeds with canopies, and everything in between. Outdoor furniture is now as varied and as stylish as anything you can get for inside of your home, and it’s made to last in the elements. Check out these posts from Hayneedle and Better Homes & Gardens for some dreamy inspiration. 

Outdoor art is the perfect way to personalize your pool patio while adding a pop of color. While many Southwest Florida pool owners opt for tropical and beach themed art like fish, flip-flops, and flamingos, the sky’s the limit when decorating your pool patio! Choose all-weather canvas art for a traditional feel, or use items that are meant for the outdoors like paddles, surfboards, and fishing nets to create an immersive theme. If you have a concrete fence or a blank stucco wall of your home within the pool patio area, consider hiring a local artist to paint a custom mural! 

Organization is essential, especially if you have children or host lots of parties. A large deck box is a good start, but while it contains lots of stuff, there’s no organization to it. There are many organization solutions you can buy, but there are even more DIY solutions that are not only super cute, but also super clever! 

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